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Acting for 5-7-year-olds

Start Date 11 Jan, 2018
End Date 29 Mar, 2018
Location Prospect Playhouse Training Room
Start Time 3:30 PM
End Time 4:30 PM
Acting for 5-7-year-olds



Acting – Mini group: 5-7 yrs 3.30-4.30pm $100
 **This class has the focus on play and storytelling. Children will largely do teacher-in-role exercises and learn to work as part of a group, as well as individuals. They will be asked to explore their imagination with an aim to develop confidence alongside skills. This can eventually lead to the creation of their own work and some small performances.**

Note that this class will be off for both Thu 22nd Feb and Thu 1st March.

  • Acting Class Term 2 2017/18 for CI$100.00
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