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The Illusion

Start Date 20 Feb, 2020
End Date 07 Mar, 2020
Location Prospect Playhouse, Grand Cayman
Start Time 7:30 PM
End Time 10:00 PM
The Illusion

The opening production of the 50th year of the Cayman Drama Society extends its reach into France in the 1600’s. THE ILLUSION is a play about a father whose son ran away years ago because of the father’s attitude. Now aged, he wishes for reconciliation. Unable to find his son, he hires a magician who, he is told, can reconnect him with his son. Three illusions are presented by the magician, each with a twist, leaving the father confused. The play ends with a final twist and an unanswered question – who is the puppet, and who is the puppeteer? Tony Kushner (Angels in America) wrote THE ILLUSION based on “L’Illusion Comique” by Pierre Corneille, a 17th century French playwright. With a light, witty, and comedic touch we are taken through the illusions in this freely adapted version of "L'Illusion Comique" by Kushner. Lovers of the art of theatre will find a home as shades of comedy, drama, poetry, Shakespearean prose and mystery entangle themselves within the plot.

We recommend this as a PG-15 due to moderate adult themes. Running time is approx. 2hr15

  • Adult for CI$25.00
  • Student for CI$15.00
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